Why us

dlaczego my?Cooperation with our partners means more to us than just a way of acquiring traffic. We are never satisfied with mediocrity, we’re always thriving for perfection. You can be sure that you will receive constant support from an experienced team, which will guide you at each step of our cooperation. We’ll be glad to share all our know-how we have gathered in a decade of operating in the business. Only by working together can we succeed.

Each of the players is a true VIP. You can be sure that each of the players you refer will be served by the best support team, because we know how important a top-grade customer support is.

We are aware of the competitiveness of our business. This is why we take so much care to ensure that the players you refer would have the opportunity to access only the best, carefully selected games. We aim at constant development and introduction of new features, as we know, that keeping the player interested for a long time is far more challenging than simply attracting him.

Rest assured that all payments will always be processed on time, using your preffered payment method.