Marketing tools

Marketing is a living, beating heart of success. Even the best product won’t ensure success to a company without proper promotion measures. Appropriate advertising and reaching the customer paves the way for sales, it’s one of the key aspects of promotion.

We’re perfectly aware of that, as we’re operating in the challenging field of online entertainment. This is the reason why we pay so much attention to the marketing materials we share with our partners and always try to provide the widest range of marketing tools.

Among the materials we provide, you can find banners in various sizes, highly-converting landing pages or templates for your mailing needs. We always adjust the provided materials to the characteristics of the target marketing channel. We’re always open to all kinds of ideas and proposals. If you come up with an idea of a custom campaign, we’ll be glad to prepare customized content for you. Simply contact us and provide a brief overview of your campaign.

Here are some examples of the marketing materials we have prepared for our partners: